How Does Portable High Frequency Beauty Instrument Work?

Principle of high frequency

High frequency function is made up from high frequency electrical board, capacitances and semiconductors. The accessory include high frequency probe and glass tube. There is a transformer in the high frequency probe for voltage rising. In one side of the high frequency probe, there is a electrical wire, when connect it to the instrument and start the instrument, because of the working of high frequency electrical board, there is generated intermittent current, which is high voltage and high frequency. This kind of high frequency current can make glass electrode discharge. Inside the glass electrode, there is full of helium gas and neon gas which can generate blue or pink light and coming with a sound like cheep. The light can make blood vessel expand and shrink, ionize the oxygen to ozone in this way to improve blood circulation, get the effectiveness of sterilization and diminish inflammation.

Function of high frequency

1.Accelerate the blood circulation, strengthen lymph action, supply nutrition to skin, get ride of toxic substance.

2.Strengthen metabolism of cell help skin breath and excrete.

3.Bring heat to skin fibre improve skin condition help nutrition go into the kin

4.To sterilize and diminish inflammation, promote the wound to heal up, and strengthen skin immunity.



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