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  • Meso Electroporation Needle Free Mesotherapy Product for Anti-Wrinkle Beauty Machine
Meso Electroporation Needle Free Mesotherapy Product for Anti-Wrinkle Beauty Machine

Meso Electroporation Needle Free Mesotherapy Product for Anti-Wrinkle Beauty Machine

  • Model: AS-NM02​
  • Voltage:100~240V
  • MOQ: 1PC
  • OEM/ODM service: Yes
  • Product description: no needle mesotherapy machine can help clients to lifting skin and whitening skin, it also have skin rejuvenation funtion. It includes four handles- mesotherapy for face, mesotherapy for eye arround,

Meso Electroporation Needle Free Mesotherapy Product for Anti-Wrinkle Beauty Machine

Model No.: AS-NM01


No-Needle Mesotherapy uses the electrophoresis technique,easily opens the protein channels of cells membrane,penetrates into cells membrane,through hair follicle,sweat glands and cutin layer,to promote circulation.It can quickly highly concentrate. No-Needle Mesotherapy active substance, and directly penetrate into deep-seated skin layer.The active substance will stay in lymph system about 1200 hours. While The valid absorption ratio is higher over 2000 times. Electophoresis technique: under the funciton of the electrophoresis field, the cells membranc temporarily appear microporous physics process,as a result,the inner and outer molecules of cells exchange more obviously,it benefits to the cells obsorb all kinds of medicines,gene substances,collagen and other large molecules.After the electric field cancellation,the micro pores will be close and no any influence to the cells.

1. Ultrasonic handle: The Ultrasonic Massage handle send streams of high speed ultrasonic vibrations into the skin layers at incredible speeds of 28,000 vibrations per second. These safe vibrations are scientifically designed to break down and help remove imperfections under the skin such as dead skin cells, dirt and grease particles and black and white heads. The added benefit is a lifted effect that creates ultra-smooth, soft skin.

2. Cooling handle: cold hammer is helpful for minimizing pores, skin tightening, anti-wrinkle and facial lifting and keeps your skin elastic and energetic. It can minimize the pore, calming the flesh and comforting the nerve.

3. Electroporation injection: Directly act on the skin, instantly enhance skin tissue penetration. Under the function of electroshock, there will be formed holes in the lipid mobilization of cells, at the same time the hydrophile molecule which have not been absorbed originally can penetrate into cells inner. Once the holes forming, with in several seconds to several minutes, it will keep the opening state according to the length of electroshock.

4. BIO handle for eyes: A major role in local skin problems, such as crow's-feet ,under-eye dark circle under-eye puffiness .Treatment of micro-electric technology is being adopted by the negative ion charge movement so as to stimulate acupuncture points corresponding local, so that the subcutaneous tissue collagen restructuring and regeneration, so as to achieve an instant effectiveness of skin tightening and strengthening


1. Skin Rejuvenation;

2. Orientate to therapy pigment;

3. Removal forehead wrinkle,  neck wrinkle;

4. Keep the skin moist;

5. Skin whitening;

6. Remove Orange skin tissue;

7. Remove dark eye circle, eye pouch;


1. Clean the skin

2.detect customer's skin

3. Skin care: customer lies down and beautician make skin care by mesotherapy inject handle. The theory is electroporation. (about 5 mins every side of face)

4. Ultrasonic handle: beautician make further skin care by ultrasonic handle. Thus the essense can be absorbed more efficiently.( about 5 mins every side of face)

5. Cooling handle: beautician make skin care by freezing repair head, so that the essense or cream will not run off or volatilize. What's more , it has the function of pore shrink.(about 5 mins every side of face)

6. Cover a facial mask after the operation if you like. (about 15 mins)

7. eye care: customer lies down and beautician make eye care by electrophoresis BIO head for eye.(about 5 mins each eye)

8. Skin detect: detect customers' skin for a comparison.


1pcs ultrasonic handle for face care

1pcs electroporation handle for face care

1pcs cooling handle for face care

1pcs BIO electro-stimulation handle for eye care



Ultrasonic Frequency: 1MHZ

Cooling temperature: 0-5  degrees centigrade

Display: LCD display

Packing size: 56*43*27cm



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